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George Harold Fulks[2007]

Dedicated to the people of the nation of Egypt

"We will not have enough wine remaining in the cellar to entertain our guests," said Mutto, the Queen's personal servant.

"Oh, My Majesty," answered Mutto while bowing solemnly, closing his eyes; then lowering his head as if ashamed. "Two of the slaves under my watch were seen in the garden. They were hiding two bottles of your finest wine under some treeroots. They have stolen a part of your shipment from the west. You traded in gold for that wine. The two have been seen drinking the wine."

In a whisper accompanied by a twinkle in her eyes, Her Majesty said, "bring the two thieves to me, and be certain to summon a soldier to walk with you. I will handle this myself in an amible manner. They will be afraid if you will have them each to carry a spade with which to dig."

"Yes, Your Majesty," said Mutto while bowing. Exiting the Queen's room, he soon returned just as she had ordered with a soldier and two slaves, an African and an Asian."

To the African, the queen inquired, "How did you use the time today?"

" I have carved a jackal from the finest of ebony for trading with the Egyptians, Your Majesty."

To the Asian, the Queen inquired, "how did you use your time today?

" I have crafted two jade and gold bracelets for trading with the Egyptians, Your Royal Highness."

"I have work for you to do," said her majesty. "You will bring bring your spades and come with Mutto, the soldier, and me into the garden."

After fifteen minutes of digging near the boulder, the Queen stood at the place she had been sitting on the boulder and to the slaves, loudly exclaiming an order. " You will now stop for a time; you may stop, rest, and releave your thirst.

Oh, Your Majesty," said the Asian, "We have nothing to drink, and we are thirsty.

Said Her Majesty rather crossly, "You do have something to drink very near. You carry your spades over near where you have concealed two of the bottles of wine I had been saving for when the Egyptians come to visit. Bring the wine to me."

Having done as Her Majesty had ordered, the African and the Asian stood before the Queen and began to weep and wail in a very pityful manner, much as children might have done.Folding their hands and bowing at Her Majesties" knees, and the two commenced to rock and chant in unison,the two lamented: " I beg your pardon, Your Majesty..I beg your pardon, Your Majesty..Show us your mercy..Show us your mercy...

Soon tiring of their chanting and wailing, the Queen proclaimed." You will cease your cowardly behavior and stand before me in the manner as should true men. The fine wine is one thing we need for trading with the wealthy men when thay visit from Egypt. Without their trade and goodwill, our people would all be poor. The Egyptians are not happy unless they are served the very best of wine and food, and you stole wine from the cellar that was to be used only when the Egyptians are our guests. We cannot survive for long without the Egyptians. They will fight for us and with us when we are attacked by the Swainites. Your are to come and sit beside my servant, the soldier, and me, and we will all share the wine you have hidden. We will drink until it is all gone in equal shares, and the two of you are to remain here until darkness before you enter your quarters again. You have not worked for the wine, and it is not yours. You are never to steal again." After a pause Her Majesty ended her judgement with: "No, you will not lose your lives for two bottles of wine. Why should you risk punishment for a thing so simple?

Came the darkness and the Queen, her servant, and the soldier had long since gone; and there in remorse sat the Asian and African.They were never known to have stolen wine again from Her Majesties' cellar again. Soon back at producing carved items and expensive jewelry, it can be recalled that each day Her Majest would enter into the craftsmen's quarters with a full glass of wine for the African and Asian. "Ask and ye shall receive.

EPILOGUE; Inspiration for this skitt is King Tutt's concept of his immortality. Could his memory have been stored within the cellular structure of some of th objects within his tomb. Technology might reach that level of sophistication at some future time.

George Fulks (December 2007)

future time

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