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St. Simons Island, Lincoln Returns
(George Harold Fulks)

Dedicated to the Carters of Plains, Georgia

Second Edition, October 18,2008

An annual event for band and choral musicians of Charlton County, Georgia and those in surrounding counties was a district clinic held during several Springs during the 1950's. Director of the instrumental group was Mr. Robert M. Barr Senior, one of Georgia's outstanding music educators. Fed and housed at Epworth By The Sea on St. Simons Island( a retreat owned by the Methodist Church), participating musicians rehearsed six hours for each of two days. Sleeping in small housing units one night, the band and choral students performed a concert on the second night for entertainment of those interested in the highschool music programs.

It can be honestly stated that the continuous rehearsals under the leadership of Mr. Barr resulted in splendid group and individual performances. We all loved to play our instruments. Fellowship and goodwill existed in the highest order among those participating.

Something beyond human understanding is associated the music clinic of 1957-58, my final year as a student Charlton County Highschool in Folkston, Georgia. While band and choral students were there at Epworth by the Sea, we had visitors and participants that were in the wrong time. Although it was March 1958, among the instrumental students were a youthful James Earl Carter and Rosamond Smith. The former was playing alto-saxophone, and his lovely female companion was at tenor-saxophone.

As Jimmy shook hands with me and introduced himself and his ladyfiend to me, I did not understand the significance of the message he continued to repeat: "I don't know how we got here; or what we are doing here. This is not where we're supposed to be." Hard for me to comprehend, their presence posed no problems for me.

As Rosamond and Jimmy stood facing each other prior to rehearsal, I listened and observed at close-hand as an unworldly story unfolded. James Earl Carter, future President of the United States of America stared bewilderdly into his ladyfriend's face and proclaimed, " Rosamond,I don't play the saxophone very well now, but I guess I can learn again. We're here now. Let's ask the director if we can sit and play with the band. I don't know how we could be here. I,m supposed to be on the naval base. We might as well participate if we can. I need some time to do some thinking. Maybe I can figure out what's happened here."

"Jimmy," Rosamond was heard to reply." I don,t know either. I'm supposed to be with Mother and Daddy. I could play saxophone well at one time. I was offered a music scholarship, but I didn't take it."

Mr. Robert M. Barr was heard to say, "They're not on the list, but I have no objection to their playing with us. They seem to be decent kids."

Standing in close proximity to those individuals, I, George Harold Fulks, could not help but hear their conversations. It was through some strange quirk that I was able to see and record within my cerebral memory the "grits" required for sharing t this story with those who are now into the year 2008.


As bandsmen were seated and preparations made for our first rehearsal, the music needed had been placed on stands- perhaps ten different compositions including the Star Spangled Banner, two or three marches, some overtures and suites. Seated to the back and slightly left of Rosamond and Jimmy, I was in the trumpet section in anticipation of tuning and our opening music piece. The two visitors from the wrong time were seated side-by-side. None of the band were aware that we were sharing company with a future American president and first lady. The situation was uncanny for reason that both Jimmy Carter and Rosamond Smith were in their late teens. They were not man and wife- just friends, and they quarreled some among each other. It was a March day during 1958. They were in the wrong time.

Abraham Lincoln Appears

As the band led by Robert M. Barr rehearsed, the power of those sounds were astounding. Rosamond Smith experienced some difficulty in turning her manuscript on the music stand placed in front of her. Making an effort to turn pages with her left-hand, it became difficult for her to return her fingers to the bottom homekeys and to find the appropriate fingering in order for her to continue playing.

Through the entrance at a double-door there appeared a tall man dressed in a black suite and long coat-tails; a white handkerchief protruding from his pocket. The hat adorning his head was the one he had as he stood at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and delivered his famous speech.(Four score and seven years ago.) There stood Abraham Lincoln.

Our first rehearsal commenced at 8:30 A.M.. In response to Rosamond's finger signal, Mr. Lincoln stood watch nearby, and at her signal, turned the pages for her. Continuing in that manner until our 10:30 break, Mr. Lincoln listened and observed enthusiastically- untiring, bright, and alert. He seemed amazed at the skills of the musicians and the control Mr. Barr had over the band. Mr. Lincoln had traveled forward in time on a mission.

Walking among the many student musicians during 10:30 break, the former president shook hands with Jimmy Carter, Mr. Barr, several other bandsman, and me. Word-generous during his free movement, hellos, and conversation among band members, Mr. Lincoln was friendly, enthusiastic, and appeared delighted to be in company of the youth in our group. To Jimmy Carter, Lincoln stated "Jimmy, you'll be elected president of the United States some day, and you'll be a darned-good-one!"

"That's hard for me to believe," Jimmy Carter responded, "I guess I could be, but I don't think that's very likely. Almost anythin can happen."

Continuing to function as pageturner for Rosamond Smith, it was at some time during that same day that Mr. Lincoln delivered a brief message to all of those present. I am of the opinion that the context of his speech might have been part of his mission. Another purpose of his visit, as I , the author have begun to suspect is he intended to teach our group that parallel worlds exist.

It might be expected that such an incredible and unbelievable encounter with a man from the past would end with that visit by that one famous character from American history. That was not to be the case. Several of those present, including Jimmy Carter, Rosamond, Kenneth, Connie, and I focused our vision into an empty space located behind metal chairs and music stands placed in the rehearsal hall for our convenience. Within that large and empty space, we caught the very clear images of other famous characters from American history; some deceased and others not yet known politically. Appearing there were: Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Gerald R. Ford, William Clinton, George W. Bush Senior and son George, Ronald Reagan, and John F. Kennedy.

Our experience was not a simple case of those historical figures making a sudden appearance and quickly vanishing. Within our senses, we observed what appeared to be a kind of extended timed-exposure of several minutes duration. Representing only an attempt to define what was such a phenomenon, it should be noted that our out-of-time visitors conversed freely among themselves, waved and said hello to us, and laughed happily among themselves. Being within the wrong time did not seem to disturb them.

While those are all the visitors I am able to recall, there may have been others whose memories have withered too far into subconsciousness for me to recollect. Although such a tale as this might immediately be discarded as nonsense and insanity, this writer provides by this account evidence that there is a way for people of different times to converge and visit the present. Experiments of this nature may have been conducted by American scientists of the future.

Another possible point on which to meditate is that entities are attempting to teach us that parallel worlds exist. Often discussed and the subject of some modern movies and television shows, this author is trying to determine if a link might exist between parnormal phenomena and parallel world theories.

Pre-mentioned are some living witnesses who may testify as to the truth and validity of this account. Two of those are former President James Earl Carter and his wife, Rosamond. The content of Mr. Abraham Lincoln's message to our group is a key to proving that I have written my account of a true occurrence. I recall well a small portion of Lincoln's message.

On that day in 1958, resumption of rehearsal after a fifteen minute recess was delayed. Mr. Lincoln, one of the visitors from the wrong time, insisted that Mr. Bar take him for a ride in the band director's automobile.Referring to modern automobiles, Mr. Lincoln stated- "I've seen those, but I've never had a ride in one of those. That I must do." After obliging that request, Mr. Barr called the bandmembers to order, and rehearsal for our concert continued. And for a time, Abraham Lincoln continued to turn the pages of Rosamond Smith's manuscript.

But following the first clasp of lightening from a thunderstorm, a tree adjacent to that building was struck. Making a rapid turn toward the direction of the nearest doorway, Mr. Lincoln bounded out a doorway. Gesturing by bowing, removing, and tipping his tall hat, his coat-tails turned with his lean body. The former president exclaimed. "I must leave now, and I have to hurry! Take care! It's been nice to visit with you."(As far as this writer knows, he may never have been seen again in that place.)

What's indeed strange is that James Earl Carter and Rosmond would not have been there with their saxophones; not during that time. The year was 1958 and during that spring. Jimmy was born in 1924 and would have been a teenager during the late 1930's. And so would have Rosamond. The couple were in the wrong time and not the appropriate age. four years prior to that band clinic, Jimmy and Rosamond were wed.(1954) "We are here, and I don't know how we got here and what we're doing in this place," the future president had said to his ladyfriend. I, Ira Voltz, was standing nearby as he made those comments to Rosmond Smith.

As a practicing writer, I offer again these reflections. Have American scientists in the future conducted experiments in time travel and time convergence? Have those scientists succeeded? They may have. Several people entered into the wrong time on that day at Epworth By The Sea on St. Simons Island in the state of Georgia during a Spring of 1958.

Story "St Simons Island, Lincoln Returns" is the work of George Harold Fulks,(Ira Voltz) Revisions were again made of Friday, October 26, 2008. This work is my property, and I swear by written testimony that this is an account of a true incident. The author, Ira Voltz, reserves the right to make additional edits of this same story without affecting its ownership or origin>

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