("You'll never be a man, George. You'll always be just a little boy.")

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The Amazing Wormwood Board

George H. Fulks ( June 27,2009)

To my descendants: I would like to request of you that you forever save the wormwood board. It was my seat at Craven's Bay as I camped off Lake Barkley duing Summer of 1996. That during part of May and into June of that year. It is an object opening contact with a spiritual world. It is framed and preserved within a glasscovered frame; meant to hang of a wall.

Six feet of aged knotty pine lay atop two stubby stumps. Ridges of wear rippled through the celluose from one end to the other of its six feet. The board may have come from an old torn-down structure such as an outhouse, barn, or chickenhouse. Although thoroughly aged, that board was tinted a natural grey. Serving as perfect seat for a camper, fisherman, and adventurer such as I, that board became my choice of a place to rest, meditate, and fish for several days. It became a special place for a ghot and me. There was it and Craven's bay; always my favorite primitive camp site.

A day earlier, this adventurer had been standing above the Lake Shelbyville Dam in central Illinois; tired of visiting Illinois State Parks. For several days, I'd camped at Hidden Springs. My trip from Lake Shelbyviile, Illinois has taken over four hours. The pains of physical and mental fatigue would rapidly diminish, and I'd feel as fresh and energetic as in an early morning.

"Where do I visit next?" That was the question on my mind. Immediately a response, a loud physic message, responded to that contemplation. "Return to Craven's Bay" resounded loudly and clearly: "Someone there will need your help."

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