("You'll never be a man, George. You'll always be just a little boy.")

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TEACHER: In five minutes, list which you consider the five most important historical events of the twentieth century. Be prepared to discuss your first choice.

Grover Alexander: May I go to the rest room, Mrs. Mizell?

TEACHER: Yes, you may- Grover.

Grover's choices were: (1) the end of World Wars I and II; (2) the Apollo moon landing; (3) the election of John F. Kennedy as president of the United States; (4)the invention of the computer; (5) the marriage of Rummage Ira and Ella B. Fulks.(Without those people, I would not be able to compose here.)

Grover offered these comments:" My friends and relatives came home alive from the wars- all but Cousin Hugh. They were, in particular, Cousin Harvey Hubbard, Cousin Virgial 'Coonie' Mitchuson, Uncle Kenneth Abbott, Uncle Seymour Fulks, and Uncle Herbert B. Fulks".

"Some Illinois acquaintenances who survived were Arthur Volsen, Ora Honnies, and Robert McClean".

"While hitch-hiking as a college student in the state of Alabama, the year was 1960. An Afro-American provided a ride for me. That man shared with me many interesting stories of his service in the U.S. Army during WWII. His job was to find body parts that remained on the battle field". (He had been placed on the burial detail following the allied invasion of France and D-Day.)

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