("You'll never be a man, George. You'll always be just a little boy.")

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Some Recent Photos From Florida

Save this Febuary 2010 shot of the lake in Fort Lauderdale. The geese and mallards don't love humans. They just like dog food. Here I'm 70 years old and fading as a meaningful member of the Earth Force.

(George Harold Fulks appears chunkier than usual in this photo. Following a mild stroke, it became necessary that I wear plastic diapers. Waa! Waa! Waa! Waa! "George! You're a bratty little bastard"!)

This photo from Florida, February 2010 needs no words. Save it for future use.

Find this image especially interesting. Impresses me as a classic/from March 2010. Why would anyone be interested in this?

First successful picture from scan with new Kodac camera/ March 16, 2010

Lennie Ruth, William Colson, and Aunt Avel Fulks stand on road in front of Carie Pinegar Fulks' farm home during 1941. Road leads East to the Cumberland River by the farms of Bill and Euland Holland, Shirley Colson, Luke Ingram, and John/Lisa Ferguson who own a farm at Ferguson Springs. A walk in the direction those are facing would take one to Golden Pond- five mile Southwest. We were not acquainted with many of those people living beyond Ferguson Springs.

Seen scribbled on a toilet stall located in Southeastern United States: "Here I sit-all broken-hearted! Paid a nickle to shit and only farted"! Several members of the immediate Fulks family during a 1996 visit to Illinois. Ella Belle Abbott Fulks.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy was a bear.

Fuzzy-wuzzy had no hair.

Fuzzy-wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, wuz-he?

A verse that's difficult to forget/ I'm recalling it from thirty years past.

Two owls someone has done in yarn/Probably a project purchased at a hobbyshop by a child.

This shot is entitled The Arthur. I can spell "author" correctly, but the odd figure you see is I, George Harold Fulks at age 70 years./Summer of 2010.

East shore of Mississippi River at Alton, Illinois/ Here's my daughter Jennifer Parish.

My escort to a riverboat casino in the Mississippi River at Alton, Illinois/Summer of 2010.

Jennifer Gail Fulks Finn Parish and her son, Austin stand at ease before whater conjunction may follow. They're the Daughter and Grandson of George Fulks/ Spring of 2010.

Matthew, Mason, and Tracy Beckham. Tracy is a Daughter of George Fulks.

Matthew, Mason, and Tracy Denise Fulks Beckham at my residence on South Jefferson Street, Hillsboro, Illinois/Spring of 2010.

Great Horned Owl sculpture purchased at Fuller Brothers Sporting Goods in Schram City, Illinois. Snapshot by George Fulks, Hillsboro, Illinois in 2009.

Wide display of antique tractors compliment a grassy area adjacent to Old Hillsboro Lake, Hillsboro, Illinois/photo snapped in summer of 2006.

Snapshot of 2009/First and second basemen stand ready for Matthew Beckham's 105 MPH fastball. A strike every pitch. Even if hit by a batter, the ball won't go past the pitcher's mound. < Called to the major league as a highschool junior.>

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