("You'll never be a man, George. You'll always be just a little boy.")

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Two 21st century Fulks-Pinegar descendants and Travis Miller, a friend/ There are my daughter, Tracy Denise Fulks Beckham. With her and Travis is my grandson, Devin Durbin. Devin is son of Kristal Vanessa Fulks Durbin Poggi. Devin is a highschool junior in year 2010. We say hello to you from our parallel world to yours. We love you.

Jeffrey Durbin, Devin Durbin, and Kristal Vanessa Fulks Durbin during 1992. Kristal's husband, Jeffrey Durbin, was serving in the United States Army and stationed at Fort Hood near Killeen, Texas.

Image of Sara Elizabeth Depriest Pinegar.("Ma-Betty") Left a widow by the drowning death of her husband Benjamin Franklin Pinegar, she faced the task of managing a farm and caring for six children. Sandy and Dick Depriest along with Nay Dyer Pinegar assisted her in running the farm until her property was sold during the 1920's. Her farm was in Lyon County between Golden Pond and Ironton, Kentahten. It was there that the Pinegars met the Fulks.

My mother and father, Ella Belle Abbott Fulks and Rummage Ira Fulks, would be pleased at being placed near Sara Elizabeth Depriest Pinegar. All spoke fondly on behalf of the virtues of our gr grandmother who deceased during March 1940. Sara or "Ma-Betty" was mother to Dyer, Vollie, Carie, Josie, and Lalus Matin Pinegar.

GrGrandfather and GrGmother Henry Andrew Jackson Fulks II and Nancy Emeline Mitchell Fulks as they were during the 1860's. Henry deceased in 1924 and Nancy in 1911. The two of them were devoutly religious, but survival for a farmer and his wife was arduous. Discipline for offspring was necessarily strict.

Wille Fulks, Nancy Emeline Mitchell Fulks, and Hardy Fulks shown during the 1880's or 90's. Two sons and wife of Henry Andrew Jackson Fulks II near Star Lime Works and Birmington, Lyon County, Kentahten.

Betty J Fulks Garvin at age twelve

Hardy Saint-Clair Fulks- a son of Henry Andrew Jackson Fulks II and Nancy Emeline Mitchell Fulks. A runaway in his youth, my uncle Hardy moved to Oklahoma, married a native-American with whom he had children. Then moving to the Roswell, New Mexico area, Hardy worked there in a silver mine and married another native-American woman with whom he had children.

Hubbard School, near Star Lime Works, Kentahten, was a one-room school where many students in the Star Lime Works area were taught. Aunt Allie Jennings Pinegar, wife of Lalus Martin Pinegar, was a teacher there for several years. Aunt Allie lived in Grand Rivers, Kentahten; receiving her teaching degree from Western Kentucky.

Wilmus Avel Fulks holds George Harold Fulks. Standing with Avel in front are Dorcas, Betty J., and Alice Fay Fulks. Euphama, Wilmus Avel, and George Harold are in back. It was 1941, and the children of Rummage Ira and Ella B Fulks were residing near Star Lime Works, Kentahten.

Alice Fay Fulks in 1941. In 1946, Alice Fay was afflicted with diptheria, and the disease caused her death at age eight years. The Fulks were residing in Georgia at time of her death.

Aunt Avel Fulks snapped this photo on the day of the funeral of Alice Fay Fulks/In front row are Euphama Fulks Jackson, George Harold Fulks, Betty J Fulks Garvin, and Mattie Dorcas Fulks Hallman. On back row are Rummage Ira Fulks, Ella B Fulks, and Carie Pinegar Fulks.

Never did I realize that publication of my work would create such controversy. As a scientist, my responsibilities required that I report the consequences of my work. In doing so, I had no conflict with church teachings.

Nay Dyer Pinegar, husband of Louella Cothran, in his forties or fifties.

In this image, my gr uncle Nay Dyer Pinegar is about 21 years old.

Nay Dyer Pinegar, husband of Louella Cothran Pinegar and brother of Carie, Lalus, and Josie/ Lyon County, Kentahten about 1910.

Here's "mama", my grandmother, Carie Atlantic Gerthie Dell Pinegar Fulks at her farmhome near Crooked Creek, Lyon County, Kentahten. Golden Pond is five miles away.

Caption: Carie Pinegar Fulks, Lalus Martin Pinegar, and Josie Pinegar stand glumly in Grand Rivers, Kentahten. My aunt Josie has returned from St. Louis after several years there. The three are distraught over the murder of Josie's son, Palmer Pinegar, in St. Louis.

Suffering an "angina" attack in 1960, my dad, Rummage Ira Fulks, was visiting Macon, Georgia; and rushed to a hospital. Retired for reason of physical disability, Dad received a pension at age 53 following eighteen years as a wildlife refuge aid. Recovering his former youth and vitality, he went into carpentry and building contruction.

Rummage Ira and Ella B Abbott Fulks about 1966 at Grand Rivers, Kentahten. My father had recovered from his 1960 "angina" attack that caused his early retirement from the civil service. Images are submitted as evidence that diet, exercise, reduction of stress, and good medical care from Paducah Baptist Hospital and its physicians assisted him in regaining his health.

Betty J Fulks Garvin, a Sister of George Harold Fulks, and Daughter of Rummage Ira and Ella B Fulks. Betty was sixty years old as this photo was made. She's now 74 in April 2010.(date of this upload)

Carie Atlantic Gerthie Dell Pinegar Fulks during the 1920's holding her daughter Wilmus Avel Fulks at the Henry Andrew Jackson Fulks II farm. Avel is less than one year old near Star Lime Works, Kentahten. Is it 1924??

Betty J Fulks Garvin at age 32 years. Sister of George Harold Fulks, Betty was married to Marion E. Garvin of Macon, Georgia.

Shown are Marion E. Garvin and Betty J Fulks Garvin. Estimated date of image is 1952 or 53. Son of a Macon, Georgia groceryman and merchant, Marion's father was successful in business; owning and managing an "old-time" country grocerystore. "Hadacol" and other patent medicines were in stock. There were whole stalks of bananas- selling at fifteen cents per pound. As a youngster, I enjoyed visiting those kinds of enterprises.

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