("You'll never be a man, George. You'll always be just a little boy.")

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The Odd Room

George Harold Fulks/ February 19, 2011


Where once stood the Moonlight Motel is now a heating, cooling, and appliance center. They also do repairs and installation. That motel was a cozy haven for travelers just passing through Hillsboro, Illinois.

An early riser had entered an extra-large room there during the year prior to demolition of the Moonlight Motel. That man had showered and then lathered his face in preparation for shaving his three- day-old bearded face.

As that man stood behind a shaving mirror and wash basin, the reflection John Redding saw was not himself. Standing there was someone who didn't need to shave at all. It was a chubby; somewhat dark-skinned man; smoking an oversized cigar. Taking deep puffs and expelling smoke from his mouth, that man exclaimed loudly, arrogantly, and forcefully: "John Dwayne Redding- you don't have a friend to your name!!! If I were you, I'd get out of here and never come back"!

As everyone knows, a man can't shave if he's lathered-up, looking in a mirror, and is unable to see himself. That chubby and boisterous man was there.

John Dwayne Redding ran from "The Odd RooM" there at the Moonlight Motel, removed his luggage from room #12 and got into his automobile with shaving cream on his face. Then driving away, he did precisely what that man he had seen in a mirror had advised. He drove out of there and never came back to The Moonlight Motel.

That's a true story, if I ever told it.


The End

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