("You'll never be a man, George. You'll always be just a little boy.")

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George Harold Fulks/ 10;15 P.M./ June 22, 2011/Tuesday



Planning and creation of habitats for different life species were evident all the way to Crane's Island there in The Great Okefenokee Swamp. Bear and other surface wildlife had places organized for their use and convenience. God's presence was obvious. There were places to bathe and others at which to feed and drink- coves in which to rest and sleep, but there's another thing I sincerely believe. All the things there wanted to sense me; to meet me- the plants, animals, birds, and reptiles. None attacked me although some could have done so. They just seemed to be curious and interested.

It is felt that all those creatures and things learned to respect me and perhaps accept me as one of them. They'll do that. And if they somehow came to love me as I did them, I do not know. But in time, we all formed a link. To the things I was an odd creature that walked upright,but they and I were all perfectly natural things.


As the Redding family sat closely, Tracy and Tanya listened intently.What that family didn't know was that a tiny spider staying beneath their sofa was also tuned to John's oratory. So was I. I'm something in a parallel world, but I'm not telling you readers what I am. I observed John, Tanya, and Tracy snuggled up together; closely sharing a link. The spider and I were there also, but that family doesn't know it. (They had tea and pieces of cake. I carefully sneaked out of my bed in the sofa; grabbing a crumb or two. I became a part of their link. They didn't know that either. I love John, Tanya, and Tracy.


As I continued trodding slowly along that fencerow enroute to Crane's Island, I was sorry for frightening away four black bear. Those had fled quickly into a jungle called a hammock. Starting to eat some of their grapes from vines the Cranes placed there for animals, I walked about one-quarter mile further.

Then I was stopped dead in my tracks by a series of sounds. My heart may have skipped a beat or two. I heard "Bong! Bong! Bong! Bong! Bong! Bong!" I heard more "bongs" than that. Quickly, I swung my body around to a complete "back face". And then I learned from where the sounds were coming.

A young Indian man wearing a feather in a sweatband stood not far away; beside his squaw who was holding a toddler- a male no more than two years old. The three jestured that they wanted me to approach them. But there was something quite strange about them. We found ourselves staring at each other as they seemed to be standing within a mirror like or translucent haze; likened unto a fog. I still question what that containment was.

Finding courage to reach into that haze,I touched and clasped the right hand of each of them. By that and other sign language, I attempted to convey to them the message: "I love you" in the best way I knew, and apparently, the Indians understood my message clearly. In the same manner, each in turn, grasped my right hand in the same way; returning that message. "I Love You".

Then removing a silver quarter from a pocket of my trousers, I placed that coin in the Indian man's palm as a token of intended generosity and good intentions. ("I will give but not take.") Grasping the money, he stood staring at it;afterwards taking three steps forward in my direction until he was out of that fog that had enveloped him. He dropped that quarter dollar onto the white sand directly in front of his moccasins.

As that coin struck the sand, it caused a metallic sound: "ping." And an image of a golen coin appeared before my eyes. Then came another: "ping." A round object with the colour and brillance of silver then appeared and vanished. Following that was another sound of: "ping"; and a sparkling likened unto the firelight of diamonds emerged and remained within my field of close vision for only a second.

Soon our meeting ended. The three Indians vanished along with the foggy membrane that held them and had allowed them entry into a parallel world that was my time. But it was clear that the Indian man was showing me where a treasure was buried. I, John Redding, swear to you that what I'm telling you really happened, and I know to this day where a treasure is buried beside the sandy road leading to Crane's Island in The Great Okefenokee Swamp.

Continuing on towards Crane's Island that day long ago, I did not complete my plans. Mr. Tom Crane was working at the Wildlife Refuge Headquarters that day. That where he was employed. He had received a message- physic in nature and stopped me from completing my walk that day; claiming that such an adventure was dangerous. Perhaps it was.(Mr. Tom laimed that he saw something black following me.)

I wouldn't listen to good advice. After that day, I continued to explore many areas within the wilderness alone; continuing to feel that no harm would come to me. Fortunately, nothing attacked me. I felt that I was a part of The Great Okefenokee Swamp- just another link within an endless universe. Life never ends. It continues on forever. I'm an "agnostic" still, but I know it and sense it.

The End

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