("You'll never be a man, George. You'll always be just a little boy.")

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George Harold Fulks/commenced July 27, 2011



Along this wall of white space is contained an account of a single, divorced man needing somewhere to live and an agent who just so happened to be a preacher broadcasting worldwide on short wave radio. The deal itself had begun during a casual conversation with a Son-in-law of the buyer.

"Don, would you like to buy a trailer, lot, and two houses?"

"I am looking for a place to live," Don answered. "Where is it, and how much are they asking for it"?

"It's on South Jefferson Street," said the Son-in-law. "It's just $8300. I'll give you Richard's telephone number if you like. He'll set up an appointment for you to see the property".

Don was interested in that mobile home sitting within the small town of Hillsboro, Illinois. Telephoning its owner, later during that day, Don drove from Harvel, Illinois to Hillsboro- a distance of twenty miles. Already a local fan of Hillsboro, Illinois, all Don had to do was follow the preacher's directions. Don enjoyed his visits to Hillsboro. It's businessmen were cordial, and he'd fished and camped at its lakes. He'd attended Old Settlers and several movies with friends. He'd stop there to buy gas and groceries with his ex-wife and three daughters. Hillsboro seemed to be a nice town

Along the way that September, 1996 day, Don noticed that many of the residences in Hillsboro were on lots ladened with tall weeds.

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George Harold Fulks, Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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