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Author: John D. Redding/August 28, 2011



Human skeptics were indeed baffled when German leader Adolph Hitler stood before a mass assembly of his supporters and a snowy, crude television picture was transmitted from one point in Berlin to another.(That was during the 1940's and one reason most of the world's people feared Germany.) So was it with Alexander Graham Bell's telephone and Thomas Edison's lightbulb and phonograph. Fulton's steam engine on a river boat created a sensational gathering on the Ohio at Louisville, Kentucky. Those stories of amazing and unbelievable inventions go on and on- men flying through air like birds, landing on Earth's moon, submarines and deep diving gear, and of course; John Redding appearing as an alien on a pre-taped television show.

(SP 5, John D. Redding/ 1964/ Colorado Springs, Colorado/age 24 years)

It may be factual that one is speaking relatively in stating that a million Earth years might have expired since a November day during 1964. Or perhaps times passing is simply another sensation possessed by some living creatures. But, all the same, a portion of this August day of 2011 is being reserved for pondering, reminiscing, and creating in a human kind of way. In fact, forty-seven of those hold ones breath orbits of our sun have occurred.

"Hardly even worth mentioning," some might proclaim. But it is true that many life events are engraved, recorded, remembered in special ways. Still, time frozen life portraits representing extremely brief intervals and serving as center pieces- as breaths inhaled and carbon dioxide expelled.

On a November day that many Earth years ago, thirty-five members of THE ARADCOME CHORAL GROUP were enjoying the final day of their tour of the West coast that included San Francisco, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas.

That one tour was to be finalized with a pretaped television performance for airing on the following day. Soon afterwards those singers were to return to temporary quarters on a Los Angeles air force base, gather their personal belongings, and all prop and supportive equipment. They were then to board a chartered bus for an all night, all day return to home base at Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Much of that nine-hundred mile trip was intended via The Old Sante Fe Trail. But their plans went awry. Sp-5 John D. Redding just happened to be a member of that group of singing, crooning soldiers. So be it! So was it!

How that soldier managed to spoil Captain Schmidt's agenda and travel plans makes for a story worthy of conscientious composition.

Having some time to spend prior to heading back to a Los Angeles air force base and heading back home, the television tape was rewound and played back so that members of the choral group could view and listen to what had been a virtually unblemished performance. But while they appeared and sounded splendidly, one thing was grossly wrong with that television tape.

As a station cameraman scanned slowly through four rows of musicians, its director, and accompanying pianist, his lens stopped briefly on third row, second from the left. That was Sp-5 John Redding's standing position in the baritone section. Someone was standing there, but it was not that soldier. Someone and something else stood in his place- an alien being.

So terrified was the television cameraman that he temporarily abandoned his equipment; retreating to a point some distance away. Reason- an alien waa standing and crooning along with thirty-four other singers of THE ARADCOM CHORAL GROUP: exerting, smiling, vibrantly, and perfectly naturally. What a happy thing it seemed to be! Other than its elongated head, bald scalp, large and bulging eyes, and albino skin, that extraterrestial would have been a positive asset to an otherwise human entertainment group.

All within the television station viewing that tape were baffled and horrified, un-nerved, dumbfounded. All except Sp-5, John D. Redding, and for that, there was a reason.

But in joining the choral group during their taping, serious complications erupted because of that alien. Plans to return by bus to home base in Colorado Springs were scratched. Instead the charter bus was driven onto a runway at a Los Angeles air force base. With all their equipment, from there THE ARADCOM CHORAL GROUP and its leaders boarded a military cargo and passenger aircraft of WW II vintage; taking off soon afterwards.

The United States Air Force made an unintended, unexpected landing en route to home base in Colorado Springs.They were under orders from high officials working for The United States Government. "Land at Los Alamos, and leave Sp-5 John Redding there. He's an alien."

The United States Government was reported as having recovered the body of an alien. It's body was said to have been preserved and stored there near Los Alamos. That's where aliens belonged.

That landing drew a cold and hostile response from security personnel there as Sp-5 Redding and the choral groups CIA man were the only two choral group members exiting the aircraft.

"Fellow, you must surely be insane!" A security guard exclaimed rudely. "That man with you is not an alien! That's the craziest thing I ever heard of! We don't have aliens here on this base! There's no such thing! Both of you get back into that aircraft, and get out of here! You're all going to be arrested if you don't".

But Sp-5 John D. Redding, a Kentucky soldier and member of THE ARADCOM CHORAL GROUP, was not just a croony. He was not at all baffled by appearance of an alien. While at a Los Angeles bar and dance hall on the night prior to taping that television show, John made friends with Joey and his wife, Elayne. John and those two had planned mischief for the choral group and its leaders. Joey and Elayne were experienced experts at trick photography; often working for Hollywood movie makers. Those tricksters had made an alien appear in place of John Redding.


(Honorably discharged from The United States Army on 24 December, 1964, John D. Redding returned to his home state of Kentucky where he entered the teaching profession. He retired from teaching during year 1994 after thirty-two years of service- two years in Kentucky and thirty in Illinois. John is seventy-one years old, divorced, and he is the father of three beautiful daughters.

Best regards to all choral group members and THE NORAD COMMAND BAND/completed August 31, 2011

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