("You'll never be a man, George. You'll always be just a little boy.")

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george harold fulks/3-6-2014


Mark I:

Searching for and finding a 1969 Ford Torino GT was easy. Here is a front view. I owned such a vehicle, coloured jade black.

Summer of year 2013 was dry requiring daily watering for this tropical coelus that grew on my place at South Jefferson Street, Hillsboro.

One of my favorites from NASA/If Earth were a pie with whom would you want to share an equal portion? My choices would be: (1)Ann Young/Moultrie,Georgia; (2)Viola Brown/Colorado Springs; (3)Margaret Ann Wade/Helmetta, New Jersey.

Jennifer, George Harold, and Kristal Fulks at Harvel, Illinois about 1975. Tracy was born in 1983.

Tracy Denise Fulks and Elizabeth Heard stand together in Harvel. They were great clarinet players. Now both are Mothers. The photo was taken about 1999.


Important note and one may quote:"With little doubt in my mind is the belief that the hammer has made unto mankind a more siginificant contribution to life here on Earth than has the wheel." (If you agree with me, shout 'scat').

When Margaret Ann Wade and I lived near each other on Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge near Round Oak, Georgia, these are some of the directions we walked and rode our bikes in Jones County, Georgia.(1948-1951)

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