("You'll never be a man, George. You'll always be just a little boy.")

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Understanding Worm Holes I

Paws Frogs/author/August 14, 2014

Paws Frogs is an alias for george harold fulks


Known for certain is that living things and objects somehow find their way through solid objects, winding-up somewhere terrified and not understanding how or why? Sorry that I'm not intellectually bright enough to solve that puzzle. But here are a few examples I've personally witnessed.


Mark I


Hazel Hunter was once my wife. We lived in this 18th century house in Harvel, Illinois. Time was during the 1990's.

We happened to arrive at the entrance to our home at the same instance. Upon opening the entrance door, we found a terrified and confused fox squirrel perched upon our daughter Tracy Denise's piano.

Anchoring that door open, I was finally able to coax that fox squirrel into exiting.


Variance: Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia on a rural road

Near the end of my senior year at Charlton County High School, busdriver Odum Peacock was driving a school bus in order to deliver Walter Petty and me to our homes in that remote wilderness area.

Suddenly, we found ourselves in an unfamilar place. Instead of a smooth and sandy roadway, we were in a landscape covered with moon-like and Mars-like boulders, some small, others large.

Heat became unbearable, and Mr. Peacock found it necessary to stop bus number four. "We're not where we're supposed to be," Odum said. "Walter, walk out of the bus and see if you can help me find where we are. I can't take you home this way."

Both Walter Petty and Odum Peacock were exposed to sunlight and received second degree burns that required hospitalization. I, Paws Frogs, was not injured. I was seated in a part of the school bus that remained in the shadows.

Where were we on that humid may day past 3:00 P.M. heading west and into the sun? NASA photos lend evidence that the three of us and Mr. Peacock's number four schoolbus were on Mars. The terrain was covered with rocks, boulders, and soil that were red as in modern images found on computer.

Walter Petty and I had been involved in a debate during that bus trip in 1958.

"Travel in space, to the moon and Mars are impossible, George," Walter claimed. "There's no air out there, and it's impossible for a rocket to attain the speed necessary to break out of the Earth's gravitational field."

I, Paws Frogs, won the debate, but the outcome was delayed.

In 1969, Neil Armstrong landed and walked on Earth's moon with the Apollo 11 mission.

I shared with Walter that information during the course of our argument. In Walter Petty's school notebook, he saved that information. I don't know that his notebook still exists.

The year now is 2014, and the month is August We're traveling in space to Mars and the moon. In 1958, I felt strongly that we would do so.


Waggoner Grade School- Room 4

Upon entering Waggoner Grade School one November day, I had planned for a normal routine as a reading teacher. There were snow flurries and in the twenties. When I opened the front doors of that building, I detected a strong odor of propane gas.

Telephoning the principal who was at another school five miles away, I alerted him to the dangers of an explosion.

Soon the maintenance man arrived. He checked out the leak and determined that automatic shut-off device on one of the propane heaters had failed. He was unable to shut down the heaters. That one One continued to release dangerous fumes.

The maintenance man found it necessary to exit Waggoner Grade School by use of an alternate route so that he could shut-off the gas at their source- two large tanks located some fifty yards behind the school.

Entering into and disappearing within what was a third grade classroom, he walked through a solid wall, reaching the propane tanks where the gas supply was turned off.

The maintenance man was able to re-enter Waggoner Grade School by using an opening that appeared, apparently for his use.

An unidentified visitor appeared and assisted us with the removal from that building those explosive propane fumes. By opening double-doors at three different locations, the wind immediately cleared all propane fumes from The Waggoner Grade School.

School was cancelled for that day. I was allowed the option of returning home and skipping afternoon teaching duties at Farmersville Grade School as a reward for my work in preventing a possible disaster. Instead, I reported for duty and taught as usual.

Other unworldly events occurred that day, but I will not enter into those incidents at this time.


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