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Reunion At Newby Cemetary-Sequel I

george harold fulks/7-6-14

Mark I:


In a modern sense, time travel from Illinois to a designated point in Kentucky consists of cruising a late model Cheverolet down HWs 57 and 24 at 65-70 miles per hour. If one happens to pull-up behind a tractor-driving farmer with a load of hay, the thing to say is: "Jennifer, what if that man should drop that load of hay on top of us?" If you were Jennifer and me, you wouldn't pass around that farmer. You'd set a guage at "fly" and glide far over him. (That farmer would return home and report that he had seen a UFO.)

That's what I said on June 5, 2014 as a Daughter and I were enroute to an inn located near Kuttawa, Kentucky. We were to spend two nights there. All day Saturday, we'd tour The Land Between The Lakes of Lyon, Livingston,and Trigg Counties. We'd surprise my two older sisters who were to arrive at The Hampton Inn on the same day. On Sunday, we'd all attend a reunion at Newby Cemetary where we'd enjoy lunch spread out on three 8X12s and good fellowship. We'd sit, walk, and talk, recalling old times when many of us attending lived there Between The Rivers.

There was a slowdown for we time travelers fifteen miles north of Brookport. Traffic crawled to frequent complete stops. Then moving forward for short distances, we would start moving again. It was like that all the way to the bridge that crosses The Ohio River and into Paducah. I was teed-off and remember commenting to Daughter: "When are they ever going to stop working on something? It's that way crossing The Mississippi River into St. Louis. I was in the army in 1964, and they were trying to stop people from crossing the river there. What is the thing about rivers? Why does it have to be that way? I'll just be damned!"?

"We'll get there before dark, Dad. This is a part of going anywhere. I'm used to it".

Not many could equal the patience characterizing that of my daughter. I could not and can not. Setting the automobile in flight mode, the two of us flew over the other vehicles on that highway and The Brookport Bridge, landing not far from Lourdes Hospital.

Fortunate enough to arrive at Hampton Inn in time to catch news from a Paducah television station, a UFO had been reported and photographed by amateurs. Those are a bunch of quacks. I don't believe there's a thing to those reports.

Anyway,Jennifer and I were able to view Kentucky Dam and its locks. We had intended to stop and watch people as they snagged and fished above that dam. It was not to be. Access to that area had been closed. Some kind of construction was in progress above the dam. Maybe next time.

Continuing on to Lake City, we spotted Knoth's Barbecue, a famous and popular restaurant in Lyon County. The pig itself greeted us there outside the entrance. Of course, the Knoth sandwiches are not as large as Texas sandwiches. Buying two barbecue sandwiches each, we soon arrived at the inn near Kuttawa.

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