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Reunion At Newby Cemetary-Sequel IIS

george harold fulks/July 9, 2014

Time travel by means of an internal cumbustion engine moving within Earth's gravitational field at velocity less than 60 miles per hour on June 5, 6, and 7 year 2014, A collection of photos with captions detailing an excursion into Between The Rivers by a Daughter and me. For your viewing.

Mark I:


Turning left off The Silver Trail, Daughter and I photographed Frank DePriest standing on the porch of his Between The Rivers General Store in Lyon County, Kentucky.

Traveling fifteen miles east after our left turn at Frank DePriest's store, we made a right turn that ended at Craven's Bay off Lake Barkley. Large-mouthed bass and stripers run there at certain times during springs. By wading, I've caught my limit in bass several times. That's a favorite camping and fishing area.(primitive)

What's significant concerning this primitive camp site on Lake Barkley Craven's Bay is that I camped here for several days during spring, 1996. Cornered there by a ghost, I was in a situation that I had no way of escaping. While sitting there on shore near a campfire, I watched it. (Daughter Jennifer sits during day for a photo).

After Craven's Bay, Daughter and I traveled four miles to west shore and Lake Barkley/Cumberland River where the Eddyville Ferry used to land. I mentioned that my dad, Rummage Fulks reported that he had driven his automobile over the frozen Cumberland River during the 1920's.

Jennifer at Old Eddyville Ferry, Lyon County, Kentucky(June 2014)

Another good shot of a Daughter at Craven's Bay campsite.

From 1942-45, the Rummage and Ella Fulks family had their home on this and five acres. I was a two, three, and four year old. We had hogs, chickens, a white goose, and a milk cow. (Those were WWII years).

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