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Reunion At Newby Cemetary III

Over two summer months of year 2014 have passed since a Daughter and I visited Between The Rivers of Lyon and Livingston Counties. For the two of us, our return to Kentucky was truly historic but trivial for others. We were there, and we will recall it fondly.


Paws Frogs/author/August 31, 2014

In this photo, I was a seventh grader attending Charlton Junior High School, Folkston, Georgia. Well recalled is that bullies would often follow closely behind me as I made efforts to attend the school there.

Mark I

By the time Jennifer and I had arrived back at Hampton Inn near Kuttawa, Kentucky, I was fatigued and somewhat dehydrated. Then one of our party decided that we all travel some distance to a lakeside boat dock and eat. That's one thing one may learn about my family of Fulks sisters is that they're often hungry. When that situation arises it must be determined where, when, and what are we going to eat?

I, author Paws Frogs, retired teacher, should have been in this photo. Where am I?

Personally, I have difficulty eating in the presence of others. I avoid places where others are feeding.

There are reasons for that. I've observed people fighting and quarreling over choice cuts of meat at grocery stores and meat markets. A man tried to bite me as he and I were waiting for our burgers at the fast food place. If I'm at the drive-up window, I'll often find a bite or two of my sandwich missing. The ground beef and sausage packages are often broken-into as people pass-by and sample the meat. (If you want know the truth, people are hungry most of the time)

Our party had reservations for about eight people. The group included Daughter Jennifer, three Neices, three Cousins, my two living sisters, and me.

Only my second lifetime meeting with Cousin Caroline Pinegar Webb, I was delighted to be in the company of Caroline and her daughter. They were wonderful company. I sincerely liked them. (All but those two were born and raised Between The Rivers during the 1930's and 40's.) Carolyn was a large city dweller for most of her life, but she shared with us enthusiasum for the reunion of descendents and for tributes to our deceased ancestors- all who once resided Between The Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers running through Lyon and Livingston County, Kentucky

That dinner did not end our adventure for that Saturday of June 2014. Cousin Bennie Pinnegar had an historical preservation project he wanted Jennifer and me to experience. There was an old eighteenth century Catholic church located Between The Rivers in a very remote area. Following my cousin in his pickup, we drove to that church after darkness along washed-out, winding, and treacherous roads. Arriving at the Catholic Church and its cemetary, Jennifer and I were delightfully surprised. Bennie, as our guide, explained to us that other craftsmen and he had refurbished what had been a deteriorating structure. What a splendid job they had done! That church was better than new- ready for a father to perform services as the Catholics do.

Sunday, the next June day, one-hundred or more people congregrated at Newby Cemetary. Jennifer and I were there where we met people I once knew and saw the graves of many who once resided Between The Rivers.

Commencing at 11:00 A.M., lunch was spread on tables prepared especially for use during those bi-yearly meetings.

Sisters Betty and Euphama were there with Jennifer and me. Jennifer and I snapped several photos. There was quiet time in order to meditate. There was time for conversation, introductions, and re-intoductions. Over the years, people have changed. But we had come to see each other and recall the times when we lived Between The Rivers. Do we wish we were still there in those times? No-one discussed that. We were all there remembering and paying our compliments to the colourful and amazing pioneer generations.

(Grandmother Sara Elizabeth DePriest Pinnegar is buried in the Pinnegar Cemetary.(1858-1940) That cemetary is located in the same remote area of Lyon as the Newby Cemetary.)

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